The Woof Gang ...

First Flyball Team Photo

The Olden Days
1996 - 1999

The Woof Gang Flyball Team formed in 1996. The first tournament debut was in Las Vegas, NV, February 1996.

The first tournament was a NAFA tournament sponsered by Touch N Go. It was a no frills tournimant held in Las Vegas, Nevada - February 24th and 25th, 1996. The team placed 8th on Saturday in the Regular catagory and 4th on Sunday in the Multibreed category (At this time there were no divisions in each catagory).

The debuting dogs were Keeper (Chesapeake Bay Retriever), Rodi (Silky Terrier), Tia (Mixed Breed), Batman (Mixed Breed) and Lani (Golden Retriever).

Woog Gang attended 6 tournaments the first year, ending with the following team records:

Regular team: 23.98
Keeper, Rodi, Batman and Max
December 8, 1996 - Encino, CA

Multibreed team: 24.71
Keeper, Rodi, Lani, Batman and Tia
February 25, 1996 - Las Vegas, NV

More about the early history ...

Bruce! ...That wasn't me!
(Look at the faces, I think Judy did it)

The Good Old Days
2000 - 2009

The team made several changes during this period.

In 2000 The Woof Gang attended 10 tournaments. Keeper and Rodi continued to run.

The Real Winners

Days Gone By
2010 - Present