The Woof Gang ...

The Gang

The Woof Gang is a small Southern California Flyball team. The members have a great working relationship and continue to unite in support one another as a family.

The Woof Gang Flyball Club practices in Garden Grove, California. We have members in Orange, Los Angeles, Kern and Riverside counties.

The Club is participates in flyball demonstrations and tournaments all year long.

New members are welcome. If you would like more information about the club and Flyball please contact us.

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Team History

The Woof Gang Flyball Team formed in 1996. The first tournament debut was in Las Vegas, NV, February 1996. That first year the Woof Gang attended six tournaments competing with Keeper, Rodi, Batman, Max, Lani Tia and Casey Jane.

We currently race in about five or six Flyball tournaments a year. We primarily race in the U-FLI® League.

Our team history shows how we have raced over the past 2 plus decades.

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Awards and Titles

The Woof Gang has team dogs that have achieve some of the highest awards in the U-FLI® Flyball League. At this time Woof Gang has the number 1 (Top Dog), the 21st and the 44th highest titled dogs. We also have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th fastest Labrador Retrievers plus the 2nd and 3rd fastest Danish/ Swedish Farmdogs

The Woof Gang usually places in the top three within their divisions at the Flyball tournaments.

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