With a very heavy heart, Woof Gang says good-bye to Mike Bassett, a very Special man. You leave us with tears in our hearts and laughter with our memories.
Woof Gang says good-bye to Milo one of the teams Over the Hill Gang. Milo was a Boston Terrier that loved break out and run any time he could get away with it. Milo lived to be 14-1/2 years old.
Congratulations to Skeet for breaking the record as the Fastest Labrador Retriever in U-FLI™. Her time is 3.851 (heat 4) she broke the record twice (3.863 heat 3) in the same race.
Congratulations to Bear for being the highest point Labrador Retriever in U-FLI and the 39th highest point dog in U-FLI™.
Congratulations to Ann for being the highest point Danish/Swedish Farmdog and the highest point dog in U-FLI™.
Congratulations to Luke for being the 2nd highest point Danish/Swedish Farmdog and the 17th highest point dog in U-FLI™.

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In Memory of Mike ...

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Mike Bassett - 1947 - 2014

Woof Gang History

The Woof Gang Flyball Team formed in 1996. The first tournament debut was in Las Vegas, NV, February 1996. That first year the Woof Gang attended six tournaments competing with Keeper, Rodi, Batman, Max, Lani Tia and Casey Jane.

More about the team history here ...

What is Flyball

Flyball races offer fast paced action with plenty of excitement for dogs, handlers, and especially spectators. Each of the four dogs on the relay team must run down the Flyball course, over four jumps, retrieve a ball that is released from the Flyball box, then return down the same lane. The object is to have all four dogs complete the course, without error, in the fastest possible time.

The first Flyball tournament was held in 1983 and the North American Flyball Association formed in 1985. Since then the sport has grown dramatically with more than 300 registered teams in North America. And worldwide, there are Flyball organizations in Great Britain and continental Europe, New Zealand, Australia and most recently South Africa and Japan.

The Woof Gang

The Woof Gang Flyball Club practices in Garden Grove, California. We have members in Orange, Los Angeles, Kern and Riverside counties.

The Club is participates in flyball demonstrations and tournaments all year long.

New members are welcome. If you would like more information about the club and Flyball please contact us.







Flyball Classes | Flyball Practice | Flyball Demos | Flyball Tournament Schedule


Bear Demo in 2006

It with heavy hearts that Woof Gang says good-bye to one of their core dogs, Anna.

Little Anna Oakley was the first dog to achieve all the U-FLI® milestone plaques except the very last one. She was the first to achieve every U-FLI® pin except for the first couple. Anna has been the U-FLI® Top Dog since July, 2005. It was sad to see her life end just a couple tournaments away from earing the final Milestone plaque.

Over Anna's short career she traveled 71,602 miles (67,928 driven and 3,674 by air). We estimate that Anna ran over 89 miles in the U-FLI® Flyball Tournament lanes. Anna earned her FM in the NAFA league before U-FLI® was formed.

Flora's Lady Eve Annelise "Anna", TFU-III, FMX
Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge August 18, 2014

More about Anna ...

Arete's Sophie's Choice, FMX

Sophie, FMX

They say that 17 years is a very long life for a Golden, but it is not long enough. August 11th we made the heart wrenching decision to let Sophie move on... She went peacefully at home, surrounded by love. Our “Mama” Sophie, the Grande Dame, was the core of our family. She was the heart and soul, the serious one - there to take care of all of us. She was in our lives for 17 years, and she will be in our hearts forever... We miss you Sweet Pea... Run Free...